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I can’t forget how you looked at me once.
Though not able to recall, to describe it,
I’ll understand at the moment, beheld:
Piercing with tender and love
Your look called me to seek the way there,
Where I thought I never could be.
I can't forget how you looked at me once
Hope, this time I managed to finish this properly.
The crowd is a beast that crawls on the streets,

People swarms in the honeycombs of buildings;

I hear how snake-like faucet hiss,

My neighbors staring at their muttering television.

My memory throws a picture by picture,

Bristling with events, thus making me amazed;

Some words, woven from the scraps of talking,

At my weakened mind like a thread interlace.

Cables and wires, straying, creep throughout apartments

Through the narrow arches of the furniture legs;

There are loud cries of agony under my windows

From the people clutched to the ideals of ancient.

And the rain pours tapping on this world with acid,

It erodes to oblivion all former values.

Sunken in the drowsiness, got away from present

I am searching ways to renewed time.
The crowd is a beast
Another attempt to translate one of my old works that was written at 2010. Everything was different back then, hehe.


Igor Fomin
I rarely create something, so there is little to upload to show here. So I am more observer than creator. Some day it may change. Anyway I glad to see many talented people and I am inspired by their works.
It's hard for me to express feelings about any artwork, so I often use in comments words like "amazing", "great" and etc. or even can write nothing. I wish I can say more and give critique, not only few words.

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I wrote this comment to your reply on Idylle 04 05, but I missed to push the reply button, so I don't know if you received this comment:

>> it's worth to experiment with different materials, media and combinations etc. to find new ways to visualize or express your ideas ... it's like learning to speak different languages or learning to see.<<

thank you

and have a nice day!
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